The 2019 RENNEN Photography Prize is searching for images that truly tell their story in landscapes from around the world. From images with a unique perspective or one that inspires others to travel to that location; the possibilities are endless and we welcome any type of landscape photography. Whilst landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature, they can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes.

  • Landscapes can be natural or focused on man-made features.

  • Can I feature a person, animal or object in my landscape image?. Yes!

  • Photo dimensions must be 3000 pixels along longest length. 5mb maximum file size.

  • Standard entry is $25.00 USD and include 3 images. Discounts apply for early bird and selected promotions.

  • Who has copyright of the image? The photographer always retains copyright of the image. A credit will always be displayed.