join us as we celebrate the pure beauty of winter landscapes from across the world



'Cosmic Connection'
During my solo crossing of Iceland in March 2017, I was able to capture this wonderful moment of celestial poetry. The photo was taken on March 9th around Nyidalur, it was minus 30 degrees and I had to build a snow wall to protect me from the furious wind. the moon was right behind me and we can see in the foreground the shadow of the camera.

Photographer: Gabriel Ferry, FRANCE

'when the sun is gone'
"I made this picture of the tyrolian alps after an 2 hours ski hike. You can see my hometown prutz and the majestic kaunergrat after sunset."

Photographer: Matthias Schimpfössl, AUSTRIA

'Winter Toadstool Hoodoos'

Photographer: Doug Bartlett, AUSTRALIA

Noboribetsu, Hokkaido: 'A trip to Hell Valley'

"Amidst the snowy, frigid landscape rises Hell Valley, a geothermal crater formed from a volcanic eruption 20,000 years ago. It evokes scenes of what hell might look like with its boiling sulfuric hot springs and volcanic steam plumes."

Photographer: Tze Jung Tan, SINGAPORE

"A traditional log cabin sits in solitude on the Kitkajoki River, Finland. The unique shape of the riverbend causes ice to swirl and spiral its way through the frozen forest."

Photographer: Joshua Gibbons, AUSTRALIA

"A scene from a Dr. Seuss book brought into the real world. Crown snow completely encapsulates the forest in Kuntivaara Fjell, Finland. Due to the shallow angle at which the sun sets at high latitudes, the normally fleeting vibrant afterglow of the sunset lingered for thirty minutes."

Photographer: Joshua Gibbons, AUSTRALIA